Kamera AES Tak Bijak Mana Saman Salah Kereta

Kamera AES tak bijak mana, saman salah kereta...

Seorang pemandu telah menerima saman dengan gambar yang menunjukkan dia memandu Toyota Camry putih dengan nombor plet PKR 1811 pada kelajuan 145 km/j di lebuhraya Plus. Yang amat melucukan ialah dia tidak memiliki kenderaan tersebut dan tidak berada di tempat kejadian pada waktu tersebut. Kenderaan dia ialah Toyota Harrier berwarna hitam dengan plet nombor PKR 181.

Lebih melucukan apabila dia mengadu hal tersebut ke JPJ, tiada seorang pun pegawai JPJ yang tahu bagaimana hendak memperbetulkan kesilapan tersebut.

Tak lah bijak mana AES ini, tak boleh beza antara kenderaan warna hitam dengan putih. Tidak boleh beza antara Harrier dan Camry. Dan tak tahu membaca pula tu, beza antara PKR 1811 dengan PKR 181.

AES gaffe – speedster caught, only it’s the wrong car!
6 November 2012

The camera never lies, so it goes, and it didn’t, in this case. Only thing is, they got the wrong car. Eh, what?

According to news reports, an AES (Automated Enforcement System) camera recently caught a speedster doing the dirty in Perak, and duly slapped him with a ticket for speeding.

Alan Leong, a manager with an electronics company, received the summons on October 18, which stated that his vehicle was captured going at 145 km/h at Km 204.6 of the North-South Expressway at 12.34 pm on October 10.

The ticket indicated that Leong, who drives a black Toyota Harrier with plate number PKR 181, has to pay the compound fine of RM300 by December 11, failing which he’d have to appear at the magistrate’s court in Taiping on January 7 next year.

All good and fine (no pun intended), except that the vehicle caught speeding as in the ticket was a white Toyota Camry, with the number plate PKR 1811.

Leong took the matter to the local JPJ office in Penang, bringing along his vehicle and pointing out the glaring error in the AES summons to JPJ officers. Apparently, none of the officers knew how to deal with the matter – they gave him the address of the RTD director-general in Putrajaya and told him to write in to explain his case, the reports go.

A rather riled Leong told a press conference in Bukit Mertajam on Sunday that apart from writing to the RTD chief, he has also lodged a police report. At the event, Padang Lalang assemblyman Tan Cheong Heng said that it the clear case of human error was committed by the AES control centre in Perak.

Tan said the centre, which obtained Leong’s particulars from the RTD’s database, should have checked and compared the colour and make of the vehicle before sending out the summons notice. After all, doing so would have ensured that it was all black and white with this ‘one’ (again, no pun intended!).

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